Final project of the New Pulawy Fertilizer Complex placed in service

A unit for the production of PULGRAN® / PULGRAN®S fertilizers was officially launched by Grupa Azoty Pulawy on October 15th, 2015 in Poland.

Pulawy Press Release dated October 16th, 2015:

One of Europe’s most advanced solid fertilizer production units has just come on stream. On Thursday, October 15th, Grupa Azoty Puławy officially launched a unit for the production of PULGRAN® / PULGRAN®S fertilizers, the final project under the New Fertilizer Complex programme worth over PLN 450m in total.

“It is clear to us that if we had stopped growing, we would not be able to continue as a European leader in fertilizer production. This is our way of building the position of the Grupa Azoty Group as a European champion and strengthening the position of the national economy,” said Paweł Jarczewski, Grupa Azoty CEO, during the official launch of the new installation.

The New Fertilizer Complex is the largest project implemented by Grupa Azoty Puławy in recent years. It was built after five years of international research initiated by the company. The first phase of the Complex was ready in 2013. The units placed in service that year included Europe’s first and the world’s third ammonia-based wet flue gas desulfurization unit, a unit for the production of liquid fertilizers with a sulfur content (PULASKA and UAN – RSM), and a logistics centre for granulated fertilizers. The capital outlay on the first phase of the programme totalled PLN 360m.

“The unit for the production of solid fertilizers based on urea and ammonium sulfate that is being placed in service today marks the closing of a certain chapter in our history and opens up a brand new one. PULGRAN® and PULGRAN®S are two top-quality products made to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and target markets, which Grupa Azoty Puławy and the entire Grupa Azoty Group always closely follow,” said Marian Rybak, President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty Puławy.

With the new installation, the company will be able to extend its product chain in the fertilizers business and strengthen its lead in the market for urea fertilizers. The project budget totalled PLN 137.5m. The production plant built under the project includes a PULGRAN/PULGRAN S pelletizing unit with an hourly capacity of 20 tonnes and annual capacity of roughly 160,000 tonnes.

Statement of Steven Sutanto, Global Product Manager Fertilizer, Sandvik:

“Sandvik Process Systems congratulates Pulawy for big step taken today. We would wish Pulawy successful future in providing high quality multi-nutrient products to the world, products that can bring higher yield and healthier crops for the farmers and more environmentally friendly fertilizers. Knowing that Pulawy has always been a forward-looking company, we do hope we will always be part of the journey that Pulawy will take.”

Posted October 21, 2015