A common issue faced by processors handling advanced, high viscosity products is the formation of threads, commonly known as ‘angel hair’.These threads or tails, created when the melt is deposited on the steel belt cooler by the Rotoform, can result in a less than perfect pastille shape with more dust pollution and increased cleaning requirements. The development of our ThermoCut® system overcomes this to deliver a significantly better quality end product.

The system works by blasting a narrow jet of high pressure, heated air at the precise place where the droplets are formed between the Rotoform and steel belt. This powerful blade of hot air cuts the threads before they have chance to develop further.

As well as delivering a more stable production process with better quality pastilles, the use of ThermoCut equipment also results in a substantial reduction in the need to clean the machine.

  • Purpose-designed for Rotoform and high viscosity melts
  • Ensures a perfectly formed product with no ‘angel hair’
  • No dust pollution
  • Significantly reduces maintenance and cleaning requirements