Shell and Sandvik produce granulated sulfur enhanced urea fertiliser

Shell and Sandvik have successfully granulated urea and elemental sulfur fertilizer produced with Shell Urea-ES technology, using Sandvik’s Rotoform granulation system.

Building on years of joint experience in the field of sulfur granulation, Sandvik and Shell joined forces and successfully demonstrated the integration of the Shell Thiogro Urea-ES technology and Sandvik Rotoform equipment during a series of continuous plant trials at Sandvik’s productivity centre in Fellbach, Germany. Shell’s technology and the versatility of the Sandvik equipment enabled the production of Shell Urea-ES granules containing up to 70% of finely dispersed elemental sulfur in a urea matrix.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Sandvik to granulate our new Shell Urea-ES technology products on their robust Rotoform equipment. With this success, more and more fertiliser producers can granulate our urea + elemental sulfur fertilizer to potentially unlock better crop yields and improve soil health,” says Michael Lumley, Vice President of Shell Sulphur Solutions.

Shell has collaborated with key players in granulation technologies in order to develop solutions for owners of small to medium-sized granulation plants and believes Sandvik’s standalone Rotoform granulation equipment provides a fully fit for purpose system to undertake product diversification at fertiliser production sites.

“We believe specialty fertilisers are the future, as they promise not only a win-win situation for both farmers and fertiliser producers, but also contribute to a better environment through effective fertiliser applications. Sandvik offers versatile Rotoform system to manage various formulations. Our collaboration with Shell for the Urea Elemental Sulphur has been a rewarding partnership,” says Johan Sjögren, Managing Director of Industrial Processing, Sandvik Process Systems.

One standard Rotoform High Speed unit can produce up to 150 MTPD of Shell Urea-ES granules, perfect for customers looking for diversification to specialty fertilisers, yet more lines can be easily installed in parallel to multiply the capacity.

To support industrial deployment, Sandvik and Shell are finalising their combined design to support installation in greenfield and brownfield projects, which will allow current and new Rotoform owners to expand their product portfolio by enabling the production of Shell Urea-ES fertilizer.

For more information please contact Steven Sutanto, Business Development Industrial Processing, Sandvik Process Systems
Phone:  + 49 711 5105 306



Posted May 17, 2017