ScatterPro+ systems are used in the manufacture of a diverse range of products such as flooring tiles, composites, materials for the construction and automotive industries, non-wovens, textiles, electrics, filter media, wallpaper, recycled products and also by industries as varied as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Specifically developed agitators for various scattering materials
  • For powder, granular and fibrous products, as well as glitter, flakes, chips, sand, carbon black, glass, corundum, sesame, spices and more
  • Product specific dimensioning of the scattering roller design
  • Quick-change device for scattering rolls
  • Individual design of brush-off systems
  • Flexible and rigid doctor blade systems for precise definition of the scattering quantity
  • Wide range of material feeding systems
  • Automatic material recycling system optimizes the material input
  • Standard scattering widths from 300 – 5,200 mm

High performance and economy ranges

Our high performance ScatterPro+ range provides precision scattering solutions for most applications. Bulk materials are scattered in a uniform, precise layer by means of oscillating or rotary brushes or a rotary screen, enabling the continuous production of a consistently high quality end product.

Complementing our ScatterPro+ ranges, we have also developed an economy range, designed for less demanding applications. Systems in our ScatterPro range provide the same high levels of accuracy and consistency of scattering as our ScatterPro+ models, but without some of the more advanced capabilities.

  • Corundum scattering machine with oscillating brush system
  • Fiber scattering machine with brush-off roller
  • Granule scattering machine with rotary brush system
  • Powder scattering machine with oscillating brush
  • Precision double applicator with rotary and oscillating brush system
  • Rotary scattering machine with rotary screen