Stainless steel grades

Sandvik stainless steel belts are, as standard, delivered in cold rolled (mill finish) condition with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.40 mm, ground finish with a surface roughness in the range Ra = 0.10 to Ra = 1.5 mm and have well-rounded edges.

Special surfaces, such as perforated, mirror polished, chrome plated, or coated with fluoropolymers (PTFE/FEP), can be provided on request.

Materials overview

  • Sandvik 1000SA
  • Sandvik 1200SA
  • Sandvik 1400SAF
  • Sandvik 1500SAF
  • Sandvik 1050SM
  • Sandvik 1150SM
  • Sandvik 1500SM
  • Sandvik 1650 SM
  • Sandvik 1850SM

Carbon steel grades

Sandvik carbon steel belts are, as standard, delivered in a hardened and tempered condition and have well-rounded edges. If required practically any surface finish can be supplied. Perforated and embossed belts are also available.

Materials overview

  • Sandvik 1100C
  • Sandvik 1300C
  • Sandvik 1320C
  • Sandvik 1350C